Group therapy

On my own or in a group – what type of therapy will suit me best?

Group therapy is available as an alternative to individual sessions. A typical group has six to eight members and meets weekly for around 90 minutes. Belonging to a group can reduce feelings of isolation and increase your self-esteem as you see your contributions appreciated by, and helpful to, others.

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It can also be especially useful in changing your view of yourself, understanding and improving how you relate to other people.

If you join a group you will be encouraged to attend every session and commit for a period. Members share their concerns in confidence and, as trust develops, start to recognise similarities between relationships in the group and those with family and friends. Groups are led by therapists with specialist training and experience in this approach.

Some therapists run groups for individuals who share similar concerns. The Referrals Manager will aim to help you with more information about what is available near you.

To help you decide if this is the right kind of therapy for you, you will be invited to an initial one-to-one consultation with a group therapist.

How Do I Find a Therapist?
Once you have made some initial decisions about whether you want individual or group therapy and where you would ideally like to see someone, you can either search our database, view all group therapists or contact our Referrals Manager